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Below you will see my latest video, and it claims quite a lot the least of which being that over the years the Western Mail and Echo by not bringing to the attention of the Welsh Public my various demos either outside their offices or outside the National Assembly for Wales have in effect aided and abetted the Welsh Assembly in its Criminal Negligence to my health n welfare, I am now calling their blacklisting of my blogs videos protest as a Hate Crime.

As this is exactly the net result of their silence. That they have the cheek to run this article in the face of all the stuff they have received from me over the years is remarkable. That they do not accuse Cardiff County Council or the Welsh Assembly Government of a Gross Failure of Care to the citizens of this city by their refusal to recommend years ago that they transfer ownership of the Council Housing Stock to Housing Association Ownership means that we in Wales have been deprived of the Social Housing our citizens deserve.

Rhodri Morgan during his tenure as the First Minister refused to respond to any demand by me that they do so and neither did his wife Julie during her tenure as my MP. So I have had to endure living in a below building standard regulation Council property, that apparently they had endless millions they could have spent to bring it up to standard and not send it back to the Treasury from whence the Housing Benefit payment for my tenancy came. That is insane Crazydave! It sure is, but what is worse is that this rag the Western Mail new all about this and remained silent.

That I also have to put up with Aholes who find it amusing to attempt to wind me up from the upstairs flat on a daily basis appears to have the support of all. Its a flagrant denial of my human rights to the peaceful enjoyment of my home. All Assembly Members are aware of this all Cardiff County Council elected members and non elected officials are aware of this and have done zip zero nada to extricate me from a property that is in my opinion an illegal let.

I would like to see all of them sued for criminal negligence that amounts to a Hate Crime, especially after the rigmarole of the Public Question that I asked way back when. Another thing not mentioned by this local rag. Most of all I would like to see those responsible forever barred from holding public office ever again. That would mean all 60 council members and all 60 Welsh Assembly Members and tough luck to their political parties. That would be Social Justice in action for they have taken the piss out of me for to long.

Now this rag is telling everyone like its today's news when in fact had they published some of my blogs videos these matters would have been dealt with years ago, and a better standard of Social Housing enjoyed by the citizens of Wales. Here then is the video.

Well this ought to do and time to get it out on twitter and the like, but no point in sending it to the Assembly Members emails eh Crazydave as it will come back undeliverable. Wonder if its high time you contacted the new Chief Constable for South Wales Police although you would probably waste your time there again? Same as you wasted your time trying to get the assistance of the TUC Crazydave, yeah that and the Human Rights Committee of the House of Commons.

Blacklisted for telling the Truth.
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The BBC Trust is another organisation that has aided n abetted this Hate Crime by CCC and the Welsh Assembly most notable in that they have also blocked my emails. Impartiality Mr. Lyons your complicit in the Crime and I bet you like to see yourself as a good guy eh? Guess you recon people like me are lucky to have a roof over our heads and forget about the cattle roaming overhead? If I had my way Mr. Lyons you'd be stuck inside a similar property for the next 20 years just to see what its like, because you had the opportunity to hold the BBC to account over its bias reporting of the events at Cardiff Bay and you did not.

Some thoughts, Mr Edmunds
Acts of omission are often more heinous than acts of commission especially when they affect the lives of so many. As has your refusal to ever show or discuss the issues I have raised in my protests banners blogs or videos. Cardiff citizens and it looks like a whole lot of other areas in Wales are the poorer in terms of Social Housing because your paper turned blind eye, out of what can only be seen as prejudice.

I wonder if your going to look back at the Crazydave slashes Billions off Housing Benefit and question the figures that government gave the scandalous Daily Express? Because as far as I can see there is a £191 million shortfall in the figures the Assembly gave you and what Cardiff County Council have been deducting from their Housing Revenue Account, annually £30million.

So is the deficit what the Government claim it to be or a fantasy figure because Whitehall haven't a clue?

I notice in your Weds 15th Sept 2010 edition in the letters page there was one by my new MP. Did you by chance include it care to have a look at some of my latest blog and Mr. Evans? If I wasn't so discriminated against there might be calls for a public inquiry into the doing or lack of between the Welsh Assembly and Cardiff County Council with respect to my health n welfare. But then your hardly going to push for that considering your companies history aiding n abetting by ignoring my protests outside your very offices way back when are you, only to pleased that the banners were being ripped off the road side furniture, so as not to embarrass you any further I expect.

Neither do I see the reporters of your office publishing the fact that Assembly Members are actively engaged in blocking my emails, when they raise questions fundamental to the well being of the many not just the few? Remarkable!

So is there likely to be a public inquiry over Councils Failure in their Duty of Care for not recommending opting out of Council and into Housing Association Ownership? Or even that money being repaid to Council specifically for Housing only? Or will the Benefit Fraud Squad be raiding Whitehall because the rent were overcharged? A nice neat White collar SCAM! Mr. Edmunds or are these sort of ramifications to much for you to bear.

Because if it was your or I running this kind of SCAM the Benefit Agency would be prosecuting us. Monies by false pretences. Not only that Cardiff County Council it seems had more than enough money to provide me with a bungalow so that I would not be subject to any further day in day out Human right violations to the peaceful enjoyment of my home. Now would I Mr. Evans.

I also note that Mr. Mervyn King asked the Trade Unions to come up with ideas on how to cut the deficit without cutting jobs. Maybe someone could ask him to take a look at the Crazydave files on Housing Benefit maybe he could come up with its true cost and make the recommendation that rents be cut by 50% if not more, because its all just a paper exercise by the look at things. Made up figures with no money really changing hands anywhere, just to make it look like the private sector rents aren't oh so extortionate? Ah maybe that's the true reason for all the skulduggery Mr. Edmund's keeping the private landlords in the style they have been accustomed to Millionaires out of the Housing Benefit System, because Council have been to bloody minded to give up ownership of their tenancies.

That about sounds true to me Crazydave. How about you People
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Here we go again: For the record n all that On Weds the 15th Sept 2010 the MP for Cardiff North my constituency MP had a letter published in the Western Mail regarding the Monday article (see vid above) Title: fault lies locally

Sir In response to your article on Welsh local authorities losing £1bn to the Treasury you seem to suggest that it is the treasury that is robbing Wales.
Surely it is more the case of the Welsh Local authorities simply giving up money they could otherwise spend?
I believe the real scandal here is that 21 out of the 22 Welsh council spend so little on maintaining council houses. Your article states that Cardiff alone lost more than £139m which could have been spent on vital work renovating their current properties.
In my constituency of Cardiff north I am regularly contacted by constituents complaining of poor conditions in council houses. I think they would be appalled to know that the council responsible for the upkeep of their homes simply gave away millions of pounds allocated for maintenance.
There is often talk of how Wales gives to much back to London, but this appears to be a case of mismanagement by local authorities.
Jonathan Evans conservative MP for Cardiff North.

There was another letter titled 'why is there any council rent surplus?' by Kevin Mahoney ukip vale of glamorgan. He asks why the rent were not simply reduced. 

I am providing a link here for the Crazydave Slashes billions off housing benefit blog  http://scrnch.me/4fszu and for the main video of that blog http://bit.ly/claBPw all of which was sent to Mr. Evans and various journalist at walesonline the other name for the Western Mail n Echo.

So can you imagine how I felt today when I had a letter from Mr. Evans which read as follows.

Dear Mr. Gabriel
I am writing to acknowledge receipt of a printed copy of what appears to be an extract from your Internet system. Having looked through this you appear to object to the fact that I have in some way failed to respond to a video that you have posted on the Internet. Let me make it clear to you that in my role as Member of Parliament for Cardiff North I have hundreds of constituents who are writing to in relation to a whole range of important constituency matters and it is frankly ludicrous for you to suggest that there is discrimination against you on the basis that those in public life are not spending their time searching the internet for your contributions.

As I have made clear in earlier correspondence, I will respond to specific constituency issues that you raise with me where those matters are my responsibility as your Member of Parliament. I can confirm that I have tabled a question in relation to the issues you raised with me in relation to valium. I am also pleased to note that you have made a request to Rodney Berman under the Freedom of INformation Act. If Mr. Berman or the Council fail to respond to your Freedom of Information request, then I will certainly follow that matter up with the Council on your behalf if you properly inform me of it. Please do not expect that I will gather this information by searching for it on the internet.
Yours sincerely Jonathan Evans Mp signed pp V. Ward
Dated Tues 14th September 2010

He sent me that on Tuesday it arrived today. He had his letter in the Western Mail on Wednesday did he write that on Monday evening or was it done on Tuesday? If so then he will know that the Freedom of Info request was answered in the article and it is as I have written many times see previous blogs for that 'no there would be no rent rebates if Council properties were in Housing Association Hands'

What the hell is the searching he is on about I provide copies of the blogs or click to link URL's there is no bloody searching necessary all the donkey work has been done by me Mr. Evans.

So he's tabled a question on Valium did he think to ask about its derivatives as well? Well what about the bleeding back door replacement mentioned in the  http://scrnch.me/hll2f  all the specific issues that it raises and the videos that it contains, not sent all over the internet looking for stuff Mr. Evans its right there in your face as well as Claire Hutchinson of Walesonline.

Shall I go back to the other blogs say jan 9 2006 Cardiff County Council deny peaceful protest right outside the Western Mail n echo offices with all my glorious banners http://scrnch.me/49taz That the Editors turned a blind eye to, their existence and content or the fact that goons from Cardiff County Council came and started cutting them down, another Human Rights Act violation the right to display artworks in a public place.

I wonder if all this is enough to cause you to rethink I wonder if all this is enough for the press complaints commission to uphold my complaint of complicity in criminal negligence by the Western Mail n Echo with regards to my health n welfare by the Welsh Assembly government and Cardiff County Council?

I would have bloody thought so Mr. Evans so why don't you go to http://bbccrazydave.blogspot.com/ and have a real look at the blogs that have been produced since you came into office as MP for Cardiff North and maybe deal with the issues. One is how come you refused to contact the Parks Dept to stop them destroying the community garden I had created while you and your colleagues were tooting for a job (bellyaching about how much you have to do for your £60 grand a year plus expenses doesn't cut the mustard with this constituent you wanted the job Mr. Evans) and getting all orientated at parliament. Destroyed by a petulant council worker because they have some illusion they own the property.

That garden was a symbol of the Big Society your party leader and our Prime Minister craps on about but hey its Crazydave let them do what they like appears to be the norm or don't you support his view or if it had been somebody else creating it you would have been down there for a photo shoot telling everyone this is what Mr. Cameron wants to see. Am I far off the mark there chief constable? I don't think you are Crazydave.

But oh you have to use your index finger to click on links how terrible for you, one final question. Did you send your letter to the Editor via EMAIL Mr. Evans?

I deserve better than you or Julie Morgan you cannot even raise the question in Parliament as to why the Parliamentary commissioner refused to respond to a complaint from this constituent of yours when Julie Morgan was the MP for Cardiff North. As far as I am aware the person is still in his Job earning a very nice salary while I am still in a Council property that does not conform to minimum building standard regulations 11 years since first raising the issue, and I am not being criminally neglected do me a favour Mr. Evans get real.

Oh people you deserve better than this. update over.

Today I am publishing a couple of emails between Mr. Evans and myself from the 12th Aug to the 17th Aug 2010. they make interesting reading  when you consider his letter to the Editor.

You might even wonder how it is that Mr. Evans didn't mention in his letter that he had a constituent that has for years been demanding that Councils transfer their Housing Stock to that of Housing Association ownership thereby saving Millions being repaid to the Treasury and rent monies being spent only on social housing.

Oh when will there be a public inquiry Crazydave! when the people finally see through the politicians and demand one.

Here then are the emails most resent first sorry:

From: crazydave
To: jonathan@jonathanevans.co.uk;
Subject: RE: freedom of info request
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 14:41:22 +0000

Oh Mr. Evans you disappoint me.

Or is it that the conservative party are not interested in the welfare of the citizens of this country in terms of housing. At the moment your government are intending to make swinging cuts in public expenditure. It would help with that if the very dubious accounting system used by Cardiff County Council were challenged. I don't know why you are so reluctant to put a freedom of information request to the Chairman of the Council seeing as he is a libdem and your government is in a coalition with them. The are no proposals to change ownership out of Council hands it is something that appears only I am promoting so that all the Housing Benefit the Government claim to pay on behalf of tenants stay in the account and are not syphoned off elsewhere by dubious account practices.

You should also be aware that in the 11 years I have been attempting to gain help from my ward councillors not one has been willing to be of any assistance what so ever. I thought you had read the blogs. That is one of the reasons for my claiming criminal negligence against the council at the full council meeting.

It would only take you two minutes to ask the question 'Would there be £30 million in rent rebates showing in the General Fund if the Councils Housing Stock had been transferred to Housing Association Ownership' I fully believe that other constituents of your in the Cardiff North area would be better served if the tenancies were transferred, that and a public inquiry into whether the rent levels stay as they were under the Council or adjusted to a figure that takes into account what the council were able to run them at with a £30 Million a year deduction from the rent revenue account, as they would like to claim rent rebates. Which was I found to be the figure in Housing Benefit Central Government had paid.

2) I am sure that the Health Minister or someone in his office is not on holiday till Sept but I am willing to wait for those figure unless your office might enlighten me as to where they might otherwise be found, and I get them myself. The need to wait for parliament to return appears totally unnecessary given that the information should be easily obtainable today.

3) Who is to protect your constituents from organisations such as the Ombudsman when they fail at what they are paid handsomely to do? You make me wonder if your role as a MP is to divest yourself of any responsibility to your constituents or is it purely because its me who is asking for intervention? for 11 years I have lived in a property that does not conform to minimum building standard regulations and the Ombudsman refuses to answer the question is it illegal for the Council to let such a property? Let alone all the other acts of omission that continue to occur because its me who is the tenant?

I doubt that this will tweak you conscience to actually do the right thing on Crazydaves behalf but maybe you will surprise me. Meanwhile thanks for this reply its more than Julie Morgan or Jonathan were able to do.

David Gabriel

From: jonathan@jonathanevans.co.uk
To: crazydave
Subject: RE: freedom of info request
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 16:32:26 +0100

Dear Mr. Gabriel,

I have received your email of the 12th August 2010. 

Your first request is that I send a freedom of information request to Cardiff County Council on an issue relating to stock transfer of council tenancies to Housing Association ownership.  I am unaware of any such proposal but in the first instance I would imagine that this is an issue that you would raise with your own local councillor who is, of course, from the political party which runs Cardiff Council.  Let me assure you that the law provides that you have the right to forward a freedom of information request and do not have to do so through a Member of Parliament. 

Your second paragraph requests information as to the cost to the NHS of supplying Valium or its derivatives over the last 10 years together with a yearly breakdown.  I am not in a position to provide this information at this time but will certainly arrange for a parliamentary question to be tabled concerning this when parliament returns on the 6th September.

Your third paragraph appears to relate to your dealings with the Local Government Ombudsman in 2006 and 2009.  These are not matters on which I have had any direct involvement and issues relating to the replacement of your back door or garden fencing are not really relevant to my role as the Member of Parliament for Cardiff North.  Again, such issues would seem to be issues upon which you should be seeking the assistance of your local Ward councillor.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Evans

Jonathan Evans MP
Member for Cardiff North

4 Penlline Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff, CF14 2XS
Tel: 029 2061 3539
Email: jonathan@jonathanevans.co.uk

From: david gabriel
Sent: 12 August 2010 21:01
To: jonathan@jonathanevans.co.uk;
Subject: freedom of info request

Hello Mr. Evans
I wonder if you've sent a freedom of information request into Cardiff County Council asking if council tenancies were transferred to housing association ownership whether there would be £30 million in rent rebates showing in the general fund as expenditure. Or do I have to. You would get the quicker response.
Also I wonder if you would care to put one to the Health Minister in parliament asking 'what has been the cost to the NHS in supplying Valium or its derivatives over the last ten years with a yearly breakdown' so that I can put the lie to the notion that government do not supply addictive drugs to users. I am sure that you are aware that Valium is highly addictive and I wonder if it was a black market drug whether is would be given a 'class A' listing by lawmakers?

It would also be nice if you could chase up the local government ombudsman about 'Why did you refuse to demand a corporate complaint number for Mr. Gabriel re the 2006 complaint and the later 2009 one, and why is it that you refused to ask questions of Cardiff County Council regarding a replacement back door, or garden fencing?
A timely reply would be nice for a change.
Yours David Gabriel aka Crazydave

Well that's the emails. Doubt there are going to be any camera men outside Mr. Evans offices asking well why didn't you mention the constituent who had been asking so many questions? But then the BBC Radio Wales phone in has been quiet on this issue. Not sure what the TV news have made of it if anything as I don't have one. Covered up probably. Plus would Plaid Cymru have asked the FOIR if you hadn't been pushing them on Twitter about this issue see spook_dude.

Update over


Here is a reply from South Wales Police regarding the rents n Cardiff County Council From Steve Murray Chief Inspector of Operations

Dear Mr Gabriel

As Chief Inspector Operations for the area in which you live I have been forwarded a copy of your e-mail to the Chief Constable Peter Vaughan and asked to undertake a review.

The setting of housing rates by the Cardiff County Council and any subsequent transactions made between them and the Welsh Assembly Government is not considered to be fraud and at this time no investigation will be considered.

Having viewed your website it is obvious that you feel strongly on this matter and I recommend that you speak with your locally elected council representative for them to represent you on this issue.

Steve Murray

Chief Inspector Operations
Cardiff West & South West

Guess Mr. Murray has never read the bit that says my Local Councillors refuse to do anything on my behalf! Another piece of discrimination by the elected officials of Cardiff County Council but hey whats New? I wonder if the equalities human rights commission were doing their job they would have been asking the Question. 

Excuse me Mr. Murphy but how many tenants in the Gabalfa area had replacement new Front and Back doors? and how many only had New front doors? Because I think they would find that all who had new front had new back all except Crazydave. Isn't that right Mr. Berman Mr. Murray? Or will they tell those PorkiePies about that? Why hasn't the EHRC asked the Local Government Ombudsman 'Excuse me but Mr. Gabriel mentioned the issue of the back door over and over again he also requested a Corporate Complaint number that you failed to first ask the question well where is his replacement back door, plus you failed to respond to his request that Cardiff County Council supply him with a Corporate Complaint number.

Well I have a video to shoot over the next few days about a range of correspondence received recently so this update will have to end now and get tweeted! #plaidcymru tweets where various Plaid AM's n MP's Tweet appear to get no response from them either, more heads buried in the sand! More discrimination and neglect. I would like to be free to have a relationship in my life where the 'Upstairs Crew' cannot get their kicks out from earwigging thank you very much. But that issue appears to miss ever body completely. The rights of mental health sufferers to have a sex life without the kinky earwiggers getting their kicks. No self respecting female would stay there nor would I ask one to, I would like that to end Mr. Murphy soon to not be the head of Adult Services if there is any Social Justice in Wales.

UPdate over.


On the eve of the vote for more powers to the Welsh Assembly I get a letter from Cardiff County Council that the rent increase for 2001-12 is going to be by 5.61% how much of that will be paid back to whitehall? 

Not only does the council 'fail in its duty of care' to its tenants by not recommeding transfer to Housing Association ownership. The Welsh Assembly fail by not demanding that they do. Saving what a Billion and an half over the next 10 years???

It saddens me that the people of Wales continue to be lie to cheated and deceived by their local councils and their 'achem!' government down at Cardiff Bay! If they cannot do the right thing by tenants how are they expected to do the right thing with tax raising powers?

Personally I will be voting NO at the referendum. Because I have lost all faith in their ability to govern with a modicum of inteligence. Anyone would think they didn't have families living in Wales. That returned Billion could have provided so much better Social Housing but its obvious they wish to have a private elite running the majority of housing and we've seen where that bubble leads to havent we!